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Travel Bidet

Travel Bidet

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Portable bidet for when you’re on the go or if your toilet is not compatible to our bidet attachments.

  • Battery powered (two AAA)
  • High and Low spray mode
  • Perfect for camping, road trips and travel

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Product Specification

  • Dimensions - 45 x 45 x 160 mm
  • Composition - ABS Plastic

What's in the Box

  • Portable Bidet
  • Soft Travel pouch
  • Instruction booklet

How to Use

  1. Fill: Fill the bidet's reservoir with water.
  2. Attach: Secure the bidet nozzle under the toilet seat.
  3. Test: Test the bidet's functionality and adjust settings.
  4. Clean and Store: Clean the bidet after use and store it in its travel case.
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  • "There's no going back. This is the product I never knew I needed until we had one. Transformative and I'm so happy we have it in our house. I'm really impressed with the build quality and it works so well. I did have an initial problem figuring out how to fit it, but I contacted Chakow support and Bikke gave me the info I needed. It was simple in the end to fit with just one small hose for the water supply and no electricity needed. Really highly recommended for everyone!

    @Graham H | Certified Chakow Customer

  • "I'm always on the move and Chakow's electric travel bidet is super useful. Compact, simple, and having it whilst traveling is a bum changer. A must-pack for travelers."

    @Jonathan K | Certified Chakow Customer

  • "I'm a first-time bidet user and I was a little hesitant at first, just that feeling of cleanliness is satisfying. Using TP now feels gross and uncomfortable. Easy to install and Chakow staff were very helpful."

    @Henry T | Certified Chakow Customer

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  • Because a clean butt is a happy & healthy butt.

  • Less toilet paper expenses. No ongoing bidet costs.

  • Saving trees. Conserving water. Reducing CO2 emissions.

Bidets are safer, cheaper, & better at cleaning butts.

Toilet paper can't handle the dirty work alone.

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How it works

Want to be truly clean down there? Ditch the toilet paper and switch to a better option. Chakow bidet washes away all the dirt, leaving nothing behind.

Simply take your travel bidet wherever you go, fill it up and get clean with the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chakow's portable travel bidet is easy to use. Just fill it with water, close it, and point and spray! It has two modes: hard and soft spray, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic experience wherever you are. Perfect for camping, road trips, and more. No more toilet paper worries while you're out and about.

Absolutely! Chakow's portable bidet is made from antimicrobial materials for complete hygiene. Just remember to change the water with each use.

Yes, Chakow's portable bidet runs on two AAA batteries, making it perfect for travel and on-the-go use.

Unlike many competitors who use generic products, Chakow designs every detail of our bidets with care. We maintain high-quality standards and conduct secondary quality checks to ensure durability and performance.