Toilet Compatibility

The Chakow Bidet Attachment is designed to snugly fit most standard round and elongated toilet bowls, and yes, that includes those fancy one-piece and curvy French Curve fixtures. Check out our fit diagram below for the nitty-gritty on making it a perfect match with your throne.

For standard fixtures:

  • Bolt holes should be spaced between approximately 13.3 cm and 20.3 cm apart.
  • Ensure a comfy 1.9 cm clearance from the center of the bolt holes to the back of the toilet tank.

Fixtures with Curved Tanks (French Curve Fixtures):

  • Measure a cool 5.7 cm in a straight line from the center of either bolt hole to the edge of the toilet fixture.
  • From the center of either bolt hole, slide towards the toilet tank. You'll need 1.9 cm of clearance to make room for the Chakow Bidet Attachment.