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Toilet Bidet

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Our bidet is non-electric, easy to install, and super-hygienic. It takes 10 minutes to install, you can have a fully functioning bidet that helps reduce your use of toilet paper while improving your overall hygiene.

Featuring a beautifully machined billet aluminum knob for controlling bidet features and pleasing design of our bidet is an excellent way to enhance any bathroom.

We can’t keep flushing down our rain forest when we have a superior alternative that is safer, cheaper, and better. Scientifically proven bidets are better than toilet paper in every sense.

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What's in the Box

The Bidet: A bidet attachment. Dimension: 39 X 25 X 9 cm

Gasket: A rubber sealing ring that ensures a leak-free connection.

Adaptor: A connector that links the bidet to the cold-water supply.

Stainless Steel Braided Hose: A durable hose that connects the water supply to the bidet, maintaining a steady flow of cold water.

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Product

This great bidet attachment has been a godsend for the whole family. It was simple to set up, actually fun to use and we all feel so much cleaner! The best transformation is that my little ones use - they LOVE it - and makes my life so much easier not having to clean them myself. I have already recommended it to my friends.

  • Transform hygiene and sustainability

    Bidets are more hygienic, sustainable and comfortable. Reduce your carbon footprint by 90%. Enhance cleanliness by 1000%.

  • If 10,000 households use Chakow Bidet

    Which can save 4.3 million kilograms of CO2, 10k trees, and 511.5 million liters of water each year. That's a huge impact!

  • Chakow helps reduce toilet paper usage

    Chakow saves you 15,000 sheets of TP annually. It can save you money on toilet paper, and it never runs out.