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Cotton Towels - Set of 7

Cotton Towels - Set of 7

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These muslin towels are perfect to dry up after a refreshing bum shower. 

  • Set of 7 muslin towels
  • One for every day of the week
  • Organic cotton
  • Machine washable and reusable

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What's in the Box

Seven 100% organic muslin cotton.

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Why switch to Chakow bidet? Bidets Tissue Paper

Not just clean. Thorough b*tthole clean!

No icks and yucks. Just that oh-la-la fresh feeling.

No skid marks and nasty odors.

Feel fresh and clean everytime!

Guaranteed gentle on your bottom.

No irritation, no chafing, & no discomfort from dry wiping.

Your butt and wallet will thank you.

Less toilet paper used, more £££ saved. £££ not dollars.

Convenient and no extra toilet space required.

Because cleaning your backend should be easy.

More eco-friendly. Mother earth will be happy.

Reduces 90% carbon footprint and saves 15,000 sheets of TP yearly.

  • Because a clean butt is a happy & healthy butt.

  • Less toilet paper expenses. No ongoing bidet costs.

  • Saving trees. Conserving water. Reducing CO2 emissions.


Toilet paper can't handle the dirty work alone.

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  • "There's no going back. This is the product I never knew I needed until we had one. Transformative and I'm so happy we have it in our house. I'm really impressed with the build quality and it works so well. I did have an initial problem figuring out how to fit it, but I contacted Chakow support and Bikke gave me the info I needed. It was simple in the end to fit with just one small hose for the water supply and no electricity needed. Really highly recommended for everyone!

    @Graham H | Certified Chakow Customer

  • "I'm always on the move and Chakow's electric travel bidet is super useful. Compact, simple, and having it whilst traveling is a bum changer. A must-pack for travelers."

    @Jonathan K | Certified Chakow Customer

  • "I'm a first-time bidet user and I was a little hesitant at first, just that feeling of cleanliness is satisfying. Using TP now feels gross and uncomfortable. Easy to install and Chakow staff were very helpful."

    @Henry T | Certified Chakow Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, it's easier than teaching your pet goldfish to do tricks! Our bidets come with user-friendly instruction manuals and equipment which takes about 10 minutes to install, and most people find the installation a breeze. No Ph.D. in plumbing required!

Not at all! It's as user-friendly as a microwave. Just point, click, and enjoy the refreshment. No complicated buttons, no software updates - it's almost like magic!

While we can't guarantee zombie apocalypse, we do offer solid warranties. If your Chakow product encounters issues not related to a zombie attack, we've got you covered.

Of course! We all start somewhere. Using a bidet is like riding a bike – you might wobble at first, but soon you'll be cruising with confidence. Our products are beginner-friendly.