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Our Bum Towels are environment-friendly, reusable towels made of 100% organic muslin cotton, designed for personal hygiene, and perfect for reducing toilet paper usage.

After a splash with the bidet, these bum towels are excellent for drying your bum.

What's in the Box

7 pieces of Bum Towel made up of muslin cotton to dry your bum with cleanliness and comfortability

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Customer Reviews

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Anurav Chaudhary
Great Bum Towels

Initially unsure, I found the towels to be both lightweight and soft, causing no irritation when used.

  • Transform hygiene and sustainability

    Bidets are more hygienic, sustainable and comfortable. Reduce your carbon footprint by 90%. Enhance cleanliness by 1000%.

  • If 10,000 households use Chakow Bidet

    Which can save 4.3 million kilograms of CO2, 10k trees, and 511.5 million liters of water each year. That's a huge impact!

  • Chakow helps reduce toilet paper usage

    Chakow saves you 15,000 sheets of TP annually. It can save you money on toilet paper, and it never runs out.